hrvoje spudić and sara salamon.

6x diy gramophones
6x rotating papers wth sound recordings,
6x papers for reproduction


soft objects is the research of sound recording and reproduction in unexpected media. sound installation consists of vertically placed papers that read / reproduce the sound of rotating paper with a blank printed (spiral) sound recordings. on the technical level the work functions by the principle of phonograph, paleophone, graphophone, phonautograph and contemporary gramophone - the sound is amplified through the membrane - vertical paper.

the work represents an experiment with a paper medium that reads an invisible soundtrack. It is the contraption of one-that-posseses and the one-who-transmits, silently, fragile, invisible, and extremely material.

"soft objects" with "coarse objects" are a series of works that deal with the question of how to record tone, voice, noise, and ambient sound images into unexpected materials and what features and characteristics each material and technique adds to the reproduced sound image.


04/06 - 07/06/2018 - sound art inkubator 2018, pogon jedinstvo, zagreb (group exhibition)
15/11 - 29/11/2018 - under the red cloak / Ispod crvenog plašta, gallery juraj klović -hdlu, rijeka (group exhibition)