1m2 gold

one square meter of 24k gold. light installation / performance piece concieved as an answer to the theme “on liminal drawing issues”, for an exhibition currated by anđelka bnin-bninski at galerija kolektiv, belgrade.

1x1m wooden plate is gilded with 24 carat gold leaf and hindged on an angle upon a gable wall of the gallery. a profile spotlight is pointed at the golden plate that acts as a reflector and filter, reflecting the golden light onto the street below.

opening peformance:

starting exactly at dawn, light level of the spotlight is gradually incriesed, achieving it’s maximum in 20 minutes time. droning sound (by sven sorić) builds on volume and frequency range. by the end of the performance sunlight is replaced by the golden light of the square.


after the opening, the square was pulled to an upright possition, allowing it to reflect the sunlight on the street below at high noon.

exhibited at 3m3 - galerija kolektiv, beograd.

photos: ivan zupanc, miloš stošić